I'm a Maine artist who is inspired by nature and natural themes. I have a background in sculpting in the round, mostly trying to capture dynamic figures in action in clay.  Inspired by my friend, Maine artist Jesse Gillespie, in early 2016, I transitioned my focus to relief sculpture.  I use a unique method of sandblasting; a means of distressing with sand to remove the the low density fiber from wood, to reveal the true character, or what I like to call the "fingerprint" of the wood. This "wooden fingerprint", unique to each piece of wood, presents a random beauty, adds tremendous depth and texture and is the resounding common theme in my present work.  My goal as a relief artist is to warp the viewers perspective, if only for a split second, through a combination of layering materials, sandblasting and painting,  to make the eye bounce between the boundary of 2D and 3D.  I strive to to achieve a "looking through a window" sort of quality in my relief work as the end result.

Another aspect of my work is showcasing driftwood collected from the Maine coast. I've always been drawn to elegant forms and distressed beauty of driftwood. Brought to its current conditions and qualities through the forces of nature and the randomness of what is, this material has basically been "sandblasted" by the elements for years and years. In these works, nature is the artist and I'm simply accentuating it. 

As of late 2017, I'm just starting to show this current body of work in the mid-coast Maine area. I will keep this website updated with future showings or events. Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact!